Paola Valentina

The Ultimate GFE BBW Companion

I am a reliable and experienced companion, who specializes in working with individuals and couples who are ready to feel empowered in their sexuality. I believe each of us deserves to feel desired, appreciated and true passion in our experiences. Feel free to contact me with any questions, and learn how to reach your full potential .


About Paola

Passionate and Professional

I have been told I have that "je ne sais quoi" on more than a few occasions, something that just captivates those around me, drawing them in, drawing them closer. I consider myself to be a free spirit, someone how lives by her own rules and gives little attention to the judgements of others. My motto is "if it feels good for all affected/involved, then do it". More specifically, I am a 29 year old companion in my final year of my bachelors degree, yes I started later than most. My majors is an Honours in Political Science and my minor  is in Law and Society. I will hopefully be starting law school in September 2022. I consider myself to be very liberal, but I do not mind if you are not, as long as you are respectful I'm even happy to debate, if that is your kink ;-)

I enjoy the sunshine, beaches, wine, and oxford commas. I also love art galleries, museums, cultural performances, and the arts in general. I am definitely a bit of a nerd, but not in the Trekkie sense, so an ideal date for me would involve more than just physical stimulation. Cerebral stimulation makes the subsequent physical stimulation more intense, in my opinion anyway. If you are looking for true indulgence, I will not disappoint.

On a more physical note, I would describe myself as having luxurious curves in all the right places, long brown hair, seductive full lips, and beautiful brown eyes. I am very engaging and upbeat company, and I will be sure to put you at ease once you walk through the door with my friendly smile and charming personality. Whether sharing a laugh together or barely saying a word in the heat of the moment, you are sure to be panting for more by the end of our time together..


Height: 5'-6"

Weight: 220lbs

Measurements: 38G-36"-48" Dress Size 16/XL

Grooming: I wax, this means that some weeks I'm smooth others I have a little hair

*If whether or not I have hair is important to you, please let me know and we can schedule accordingly

Coloring: Tan skinned and brown eyes and hair

Shoe size: 9